Coffee & Brunch

Fulham Kingston

Local Hero is an independent cafe providing delicious brunch with perfectly brewed coffee. We are located in two thriving locations in London – Fulham and Kingston. Local Hero delivers outstanding customer service while creating a great sense of community.


It all starts with the coffee beans, which have a story of their very own. Our long-standing partnership with Climpson & Sons means we’re as invested in their coffee as they are.

Local Hero’s passion for brewing the perfect cup of coffee is rooted in a marriage of creativity and science. From the roasting to the brewing and to the texturing of the milk, our coffee’s flavour is perfected with undeniable accuracy and flawless consistency.

Bringing this all together to create a great tasting cup of coffee is what makes the difference.

“Coffee that has a story of its own, making it more than just any cup of coffee.”


Giving you the best continues with our food. We pride ourselves in providing not only the tastiest brunch, but the most nutritional one too.

Each responsibly and locally sourced ingredient is carefully handpicked to ensure only outstanding organic quality is chosen. Every milk drop, every loaf sliced, every egg cracked – nothing but perfection.

Only our best will do.



local hero brunch